Børsmelding 28.06.2021

Offer to acquire shares in Solon by SBB — preliminary result

Reference is made to the stock exchange disclosures on 18 June and 21 June 2021 regarding Samhällsbygnadsbolaget i Norden AB («SBB») launching an offer (the “Offer”) to acquire 5,000,000 shares in Solon Eiendom ASA («Solon» or the «Company») at a purchase price of NOK 40 per share. Following expiry of the offer period on Friday 25 June 2021 at CEST 16:30, SBB has received acceptances for a total of 304,719 shares in Solon. The shortfall (i.e. 4,695,281 shares ) will be sold to SBB by shareholders controlled by board members Simen Thorsen, Runar Vatne, Tore Aksel Voldberg and Øystein Landvik. It should be noted that the calculation of the number of shares that has accepted the Offer is preliminary and that the final result of the Offer will be announced on or about 30 June 2021. It should be noted that Solon shareholders who own shares registered in the name of brokers, banks, investment companies or other nominees, must transfer all their Solon shares to a VPS account before 29 June 2021 at CEST 14:00 in order for a submitted acceptance of the Offer to be valid. Notification of allocation is expected on or about 30 June 2021 and settlement is expected on or about 5 July 2021. Following the completion of the Offer, SBB will hold 8,922,353 shares in Solon, equivalent to 12.03 % of Solon’s shares and votes. For further information, please contact: Marika Dimming, Investor Relations at SBB Phone: +46 702 51 66 89 E-mail: ir@sbbnorden.se

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