Børsmelding 30.06.2021

Disclosure of large shareholding by SBB

Reference is made to the stock exchange disclosures on 18 June and 21 June 2021 regarding Samhällsbygnadsbolaget i Norden AB’s («SBB») offer (the “Offer”) to acquire 5,000,000 shares in Solon Eiendom ASA («Solon») at a purchase price of NOK 40 per share. Further, reference is made to the stock exchange disclosure on 17 June 2021 regarding the transaction between SBB and Solon. The transaction was completed today on 30 June 2021 and SBB has subscribed for 7,416,230 consideration shares in Solon. Following the completion of the Offer and the issuance of the consideration shares, SBB will own 16,338,583 shares in Solon, equivalent to 20.03 % of the shares and votes in Solon. For further information, please contact: Marika Dimming, Investor Relations at SBB Phone: +46 702 51 66 89 E-mail: ir@sbbnorden.se
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